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I just remembered why I don't read or post in discussions of articles or famous blog entries. Every time I read through the comments, I am reminded just how incredibly cruel people can be for no reason whatsoever. I feel scorn for these people.

OK, so I was reading a feature by the blogger from Waiter Rant about British tippers. First of all, I just want to say that nowhere in the post did he call the people mean; in fact, he said they were rather nice. He also explained why some British people are likely to tip as low as they do--different customs, yes.


People fly off the handle. I mean, seriously, suddenly it's a discussion about how the American government is an ineffective, tyrannical system that needs to be overhauled. Then some people have a go at Americans in general...? I am not sure why. There is also the occasional "if you're too stupid or lazy to get a real job (ie one where you can't read a book or smoke a joint between fetching people drinks) you don't deserve any tips" comment.

Obviously, it isn't only the British that make such rude comments. But that's the one I was reading.

I don't really understand it. I know that anonymity can breed an open, honest, constructive environment, but I have also found that it too readily encourages people to make complete asses out of themselves.

True, this isn't really a big deal in the long run.

But why shouldn't the rules of etiquette be observed online as well as off?

"El canto despues del encuentro"

I was thinking to myself, "man, why is no one posting lately?"

Then I thought that I should practice the preaching.

In a little over a month, I will be starting something new. I still don't know what it is. But I am sure I'll figure it out. I had an interview this last week with Farmers Insurance for a number of different positions, and the woman I spoke with is submitting my resume to the district manager; I should hear back within three weeks-at the latest. I applied elsewhere, but haven't heard anything yet. This isn't, obviously, the best market. Ah well.

For the second time now, even though I was supposed to get to go to Europe for graduation, I find myself faced with reality. Of course I would like to go, but 1. No one else has money or time to go with me and what's the point of going alone? and 2. My parents offered to buy me a new computer instead, and I will probably need one in two-three years.

I decided to be practical. I got a MacBook Pro. It is really pretty and of course runs great, but as with the last time I upgraded, I am having trouble letting go of my old computer :(. It was always very good to me. In addition, it is still fully capable of performing pretty much any function I actually care about (it is not a dual processor, but I really couldn't care less). It is true that the warranty will run out in July or August, but I have never had any trouble with it whatsoever. All the same, it would be prudent to upgrade when I have the opportunity; I get the feeling that I still will not have the money to get a new one, should I need to in 2-3 years.

So. Though I will miss it, I suppose I am going to sell my old computer. I will likely post a thing on eBay, but if anyone on my flist needs a computer... uh, mine is up for sale? Ask me about it or something. ^^

This semester, I am in a poetry class. I don't like poetry in general, but every now and then I can find something that is pretty neat . I hate having to do all the work in such a short time frame, but I am kind of glad that I have had some experience writing poems. I used to really have trouble with it. Randomness.

Remember, Remember the Fifth of November

Happy Birthday Charlie (well, it's your birthday in Japan right now hehe)!!

Eric and I went in on a gift for you but we figure it will take quite a while to get there and the shipping is kind of heavy... so we could do a switch on stuff when you get back, yes??

I hope your day is going well!
Week three of Elements of Physical Geography draws to a close. You know, I really don't get most of what's going on in this class, but I am so relieved to be in this class and not in the presession class anymore.

As I was telling Eric and Elliot yesterday, I really need to get a hobby. I've been watching West Wing again lately, and I've already gotten through two whole seasons (22 one-hour episodes each season) in something like two and a half weeks. Isn't that a whole lot of sitting around and staring at the screen?

But I need an affordable hobby. Preferrably one that is free. Possibly involving some small form of activity. I am trying to be more active. Sitting around on my couch at home is not good all the time. Yet, I am always here. I did fix my bike this week, though. I replaced the old inner tube with a new one and even put it on myself. It was interesting, since I have never really done that before. I like figuring things out like that. I feel like I could be an inventor in those small moments when I can think through all the parts on the bike and an explanation isn't necessary. It's another indication that I could be doing something with my hands.

Take every aspect of your small life and perfect it. I've been wondering if I am not ambitious enough lately. Ought I stop second-guessing myself? Ought I actually go through grad school? If I could convince myself that I'm worth the trouble. So for something like 24 hours, I was considering overseas school. Wouldn't that be ideal? I really want to live overseas one time in my life. But not alone. I have already struck out on my own and I don't like it. I don't like the three-years-and-counting adjustment period it requires. When will I stop looking at it all with astonishment, with all the reassurances, "So this is my life." ?

The trouble is, I'm not patient enough for academia. I want it here and now. And I want to understand it without all the extra effort. It's like every time I take a test that I haven't studied for and just pray, pray that I'll be able to figure out the answer through some miracle of collective knowledge or gleaning something from the etymology of a word. It works sometimes. I am too concerned for my own good with the fact that in our gifts, we are not balanced. I think, well this person can make straight A's without even trying, so I should be able to. Sometimes, I feel as if the lessons of America and its freedoms, its equality require a disclaimer: but not in actuality.

Still, shouldn't we strive towards that? We are taught such valuable, rare virtues, and we are made to think that they are, in so many ways, obsolete. But if we are never told about the light outside of the cave, how will we know to keep moving forward?

Oh geez. I did it again. I always get philosophical. I should stop doing that! In other news, I might make my journal friends only if I keep getting comments from bots on my entries. Well, that's just not cool. So I hope most people are logged in most of the time.
I begin to wonder a lot lately where my friends and I will be in the coming years. Being always a nomadic family, my parents weren't able to keep many close friends, or at least stay in touch with them. It would become the kind of awkward hello and catching up if they were ever to meet up again. It's surely sad to think that time does so much as to make such close friends such complete strangers. But the bond you had will always be there, if only for you to look back on.

A year or so ago, my brother went to visit his high school best friend's parents in Albuquerque while he was there on business for Apple, and learned that Doug-a Major in the US Marine Corps- was away in Iraq on his third tour. My brother left his number with Doug's parents in case he should ever want to call him up to talk at some point. Some six months later, when Doug was back in the States for a short break from combat, he called my brother and they talked on the phone for a long time and decided to meet up when Doug got back from his fourth upcoming tour in Iraq. They had a lot in common: both the same age, both married for only a few years, and both with a one year-old daughter. My brother was also in the Marines for a time.

Recently, my brother decided to look Doug up on the internet to see when he might be coming back to the States and found out that Doug had died just a couple of weeks earlier, on May 11th.


The Washington Post piece is well-done, I think.

I didn't really know Doug all that well, but he was my brother's closest friend for a long time, and a really decent person. It's just alarming to think that they are so alike, and that it could just as easily have been my brother instead.

I had just been thinking a few weeks earlier that I don't know anyone who has gone to Iraq, but I guess I'm wrong.

I know Doug meant a lot to my brother, and I think he was really upset that he didn't know anything about what happened. He probably would have gone to his funeral, even though it was on the opposite of the country. I guess... I never want something like that to happen to me; I don't want to miss someone's funeral that had been, at least at one time, so close to me. That kind of concept just saddens me greatly. The people that matter most to you, that care so much about you, should always be given the chance to be there to celebrate your life in the end.
A guy I know from work, Leif, is starting a journal with his friends, and he asked me to help edit and market it. We talked for an hour or so yesterday about some of the steps they still need to take to get its name out there. They're working on a website right now, which is good... I'll start helping them with the graphic design of things, too, I think. They're using InDesign, but they're fairly new to it. Since I'm proficient in most Adobe programs, they asked me to give some pointers. But here is the myspace page they have in the meantime.

So if anyone feels like submitting essays or artwork, I am certain they would appreciate it.

Things aren't too bad lately, I guess. I've got things all worked out to stay in Lincoln this summer, in an apartment I'm renting from Elliot's family. It's fairly affordable, and I've worked out a pretty nice budget for everything.

I'll also be taking classes so I can finish my degree on time, and working an internship at the Prairie Schooner. I applied for UCARE in February and finally received word back that I will be receiving it! This means that I will be getting paid something like $8/hr. for my work at PS.

After this summer, I will have 6 classes left. That's not so bad, I guess. I just wish they offered more in the way of religious studies classes from semester to semester. It makes it difficult to finish my minor.

So I've been contemplating my next steps past graduation. It seems as though I might have an in at the University Press with this internship at PS, so there is a possibility I will be able to find a position there at some point. I am not all too concerned about where I end up, though, so I might be leaving Nebraska... wherever there's work, right?

I keep getting the "You're going to Graduate School, right?" question. *sigh* I think I might be worn out already, lol. I don't think I'm even prepared to pay off the rather bloated loan I am using to pay for my undergraduate schooling... So. Well I don't know.

Happy Birthday starnik!


I hope today is festive!
It's weird how you think you've learned the lessons already, when they'll just come back to trip you up once again.

There's a sadness there, in the pulling away of a family, when I finally realize that instead of a daughter, I've slowly become an equal. And it's growing up, right? It's when I finally stop relying on them, falling back on them to comfort me, and I acknowledge the mutual need for comfort and sanctuary. We lead seperate lives; our days no longer intersect, and I'll no longer sit with you in the evening and wind down with you, I won't tell you the little things that irk me. Those times? Those were the times that made it home for me. I'm afraid I don't know yet how to make any other place my home. I am thankful for the perspective, to have come to learn about my parents as people, more than just their duties to guard and guide, but I sometimes wish I could still believe they're unflappable and unaffected. Would it be better to avoid this gradually-developed awareness of their mortality?

I suppose... why prepare for something that you can't even handle, should it come to pass? Does knowing mean you're giving up part of your childlike ignorance?